Check Your Car’s Problems Right from Your Cellphone With This Revolutionary Device!

by John Edwards | Advertorial

Summary: Auto mechanics can easily take advantage of a customer who doesn’t know what’s wrong with their vehicle. Automend Pro tells you exactly what’s wrong before you take your car or truck in for repairs! Stopped being scammed by mechanics who charge you for repairs you don’t need!

Today’s cars and trucks are basically a computer on wheels and this device lets you “talk” to the car’s computer and display any problem it is having right on your mobile phone.

Imagine going into a repair shop and knowing exactly what your car needs before a fast-talking mechanic can try to cheat you.

The “check engine” light is no longer a mystery and you will know exactly what needs repairing or replacing.

You can even turn off your engine repair light right from your phone. Mechanics can no longer take advantage of you.

Automend Pro lets you know how urgently you need to get your car repaired, so you are never caught off guard! Use it whenever your car has a problem, or run it once a month to perform a checkup!

What’s more… Automend Pro not only tells you what’s wrong with your car, it also tells you how much other people are paying for the same repair. Stop getting ripped off by overcharging auto mechanics!

Introducing Automend Pro

Automend Pro is an easy-to-use device that tells you exactly what is wrong with your car or truck.

Automend Pro simply fits into a port in your car to read and talk to its onboard computer. Your vehicle will literally tell you what’s wrong with itself!

It immediately gets a complete update on your vehicle with its year and model. If there are any mechanical or other issues with your car or truck, they are instantly displayed on your phone. 

You will have all your maintenance and other stats available.

Automend Pro puts in your hand the full power and control over your vehicle and knowing what you need done. That is awesome and never before available in such detail to non-mechanics!

Next time you see the mechanic, you tell them what to do and not the other way around.

How to install Automend Pro

Automend Pro plugs into your car or truck’s OBD II port and then talks to your phone and tells you about any mechanical or other repair issues with your vehicle.

The Law requires every vehicle after 1996 to have a port for Automend Pro.

And instantly, with no technical knowledge, you will know about your car or truck’s health before your mechanic does.

Automend Pro immediately gets a complete update on your vehicle with year of manufacture and model.

If there are any mechanical or other issues with your car or truck, they are instantly displayed on your phone. You will have all your maintenance and other stats available right at your fingertips.

Preventive maintenance is where you take care of things before they break down and Automend Pro gives you the power to do that; it reminds you when maintenance is not just suggested, but needed.

Keep your car from breaking down before a small problem becomes a big expensive one!

What are Automend Pro customers saying?

"I was so excited when I bought my first ever brand new car. But after a year, I had spent just as much money on repairs as I had with my old car. Something wasn’t right. Had I bought a lemon? Nope. I had a weasel for a dealer. With my Automend Pro I was able to catch him lying to me, and since then I have had zero problems with my car. I like the way he grovels when I go in, too lol."

Tom Y.

How much does Automend Pro cost?

We calculated the cost of Automend Pro to be between $120 – $150. The average guess in the office was $150.

Incredibly the highly-rated Automend Pro is just $49.99… (with the 50% promo at the time of writing)!

It’s an amazing deal as finding value in this market isn’t easy. So, for those who want all the latest features from a reliable brand, Automend Pro is ideal.

It offers more than you would expect to find from the expensive brands but is nowhere near as costly. It is also incredibly easy to use.

Conclusion: Should you buy it?

Overall Rating


Ease of Use
Value For Money

In short, YES!

Experts say that the key to keeping a car running perfectly is preventative maintenance, but not every person can afford to take their car into the mechanic’s shop for a monthly checkup.

Thankfully, the Automend Pro can run a complete diagnostic on your car, saving you an expensive trip to the mechanic’s.

In a Nutshell: Automend Pro is the best value for money option on the market right now.

Where can I order Automend Prol?

Automend Pro is currently sold only online. The checkout process is very easy and fast.

Even if you are not familiar with online shopping, we guarantee that you won’t have any problem when placing your order.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
  2. Claim your’s 50% discount.

TIP: The discount means the Automend Pro is selling out rapidly right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

About the Author

John is our resident car gadget expert. He’s an engineer and has a black belt in karate. 

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